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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
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About Nils

Nils Chrestin is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at GetYourGuide and leads the finance, legal, strategy & corporate development functions. 

Nils joined GetYourGuide in early 2019 from Global Fashion Group (GFG), the leading fashion & lifestyle destination across Latin America, CIS, South East Asia and Australia. Nils served GFG for 6 years as CFO, oversaw several funding rounds and played a key role in the post-merger integration of 6 companies which formed GFG. Nils began his career in investment banking at Morgan Stanley, followed by 3 years in Private Equity.

A German native, Nils holds a Diploma in Mathematics from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München as well as a BSc in Economics from University of Göttingen.



What Nils says about …

… his passion:

Being part of highly ambitious and performing teams united behind a vision and creating positive impact.

… what he has learned on his travels:

A deep appreciation for the diversity and beauty of our planet and people and the importance of zooming out to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the simple things in life.

… his sources of inspiration for personal growth:

People who remain calm while managing hugely complex, impactful decisions and while doing so preserve their ability to appreciate and nourish what’s really important in life: health, family and friends.

“The shift toward spending on experiences and creating memories is the most important consumer trend of the century. This will have a profound impact on travel.”

Other Team Members

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