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Chief Product Officer (CPO)
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About Ameet

Ameet Ranadive is GetYourGuide’s Chief Product Officer (CPO). He leads the company’s long-term product vision and strategy.

Prior to joining GetYourGuide in 2019, he most recently led the well-being product team at Instagram. He was previously Vice President and General Manager of Revenue Product at Twitter, where he helped grow Twitter revenue sevenfold in four years. Ameet co-founded a Google Ventures-backed startup company, Dasient, which was sold to Twitter in January 2012. Earlier in his career, Ameet was a strategy consultant with McKinsey and an engineer with Hewlett-Packard. 

A US native, Ameet holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and an MS and BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT.



What Ameet says about …

… his passion:

Travel, reading, food, and spending time with my family. All these reinforce each other when I travel. I read about destinations ahead of time. I love having food experiences when I travel and I cherish having these travel experiences with my family, where we can experience these new destinations, sights, and cultures together.

… what he has learned on his travels:

To appreciate the wonderful diversity that exists in the world. Ancient cultures especially provide a deep learning experience, if you dive into their civilization, food or customs. But I have also learned to simply take in all the natural beauty Earth has to offer, from the fjords of Norway to the Blue Mountains of Australia.

… his sources of inspiration for personal growth:

I seek inspiration from books, particularly the stories of people and the major impact that they have created for the world. For example the story of the Wright Brothers. They were not professional engineers, but spent nights and weekends building, testing, and iterating their prototype of a flying machine. Their invention of the airplane in 1903 enabled cross-continent travel, opening the door to international tourism.

“When it comes to leading teams to success and developing products in a meaningful way, three things count for me: 1. Let’s face reality quickly; 2. Impact is the only thing and 3. Do the simple thing first.”

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