GetYourGuide Offers Private, After-Hours Tour of the Sagrada Familia, Accompanied by Grammy-Nominated Organist

  • According to GetYourGuide’s booking data, Barcelona has jumped to the sixth most visited city by Americans, a significant leap from the 31st spot in 2021.
  • The Sagrada Familia’s Grammy-nominated principal organist will join a small group of travelers as they tour the famed basilica in this new ‘Originals by GetYourGuide’ experience.
  •  Travelers will have the chance to win private access to the largest and most iconic unfinished basilica in the world after it closes for the day. 
  • Visit will include access to off-limit areas, a chance to witness Antoni Gaudí’s rare symphony of color during the summer months, and a private organ performance.


GetYourGuide, leading online travel experience platform, announced today the launch of an exclusive tour of Barcelona’s Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, a Catalan landmark and architectural marvel that has been under construction for more than 140 years, as part of its newly launched ‘Originals by GetYourGuide’ collection. In a private, after-hours tour, visitors will get to explore Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece as the artist intended himself — guided by the sounds of music and a rare color phenomenon only few get to witness. As the sunset fills the world-famous basilica and a symphony of color is revealed through its stained-glass windows, travelers will witness the architectural gem come to life, set to the live soundtrack of the Sagrada Familia’s Grammy-nominated principal organist, Juan de la Rubia.


The Sagrada Familia’s principal organist, Juan de la Rubia, will join a small group of visitors on an exclusive tour of the famed structure, that offers extraordinary moments and experiences that aren’t part of regular tours:

  • Gain private access to the basilica after it has closed to 16,000 travelers for the day.
  • Learn directly from the revered principal organist about how color and sound work together inside the basilica’s walls.
  • Experience a rare color phenomenon that occurs outside of opening hours during peak summer months.
  • Listen to a private performance by Juan de la Rubia as he plays a piece that complements the basilica’s acoustics.
  • Visit the ‘Cantorías,’ a balcony closed off to the public and reserved for the basilica’s choir, which can hold up to 1,000 singers and offers a completely different perspective of the basilica.

The Sagrada Familia is a one-of-a-kind basilica, dreamed up by genius architect Antoni Gaudí. Its construction began in 1882 and five generations have now watched its progress in the heart of Barcelona. It’s said that Gaudí’s complex design for the basilica was intended to emulate a musical instrument. Juan de la Rubia is an expert on writing compositions that complement the remarkable acoustics and evoke a feeling that can only be described as transcendental. A native to Vall d’Uixó (Castellón), de la Rubia has stepped on the main stages of about thirty countries around the world, has performed as a soloist with many elite orchestras, and has collaborated with renowned soloists in Spain, which earned him a Grammy nomination in 2018 for the recording of “Sacred Cantatas” (Erato, 2016).  

For the chance to join the Sagrada Familia ‘Originals by GetYourGuide’ experience after hours and meet principal organist Juan de la Rubia, a limited number of tickets will be available through GetYourGuide's website free of cost for July 3, July 10, and August 4. Please visit the website for more information. 

GetYourGuide offers many other activities in Barcelona that invite travelers to immerse themselves in the destination. Popular experiences in Barcelona for U.S. travelers include: 

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“With 3.7 million visitors a year, the Sagrada Familia is at the top of many travelers’ must-see lists when in Barcelona, and our newest ‘Originals by GetYourGuide’ will allow a small group to experience this masterpiece in a way most have never felt before.

Few understand the acoustics of the basilica quite like the esteemed principal organist, Juan de la Rubia, and we designed this exclusive tour so that travelers can truly appreciate the majesty of Gaudí’s vision set to the harmonic sounds of his compositions, chosen exclusively for the basilica.”

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